Welcome to k-Tech (Private) Limited, we respect your privacy and want to protect your personal information. To learn more, please read this privacy policy.
By accessing the Website directly or through another website, you accept the practices described in this policy.
Data security is a matter of trust and your privacy is important to us. We will therefore only use your name and other information relating to you as set out in this Privacy Policy. We only collect information where we need to do so and we only collect information if it is relevant to our dealings with you.
We only keep your information as long as required by law or for the purposes for which it was collected.
As soon as it is reasonable to assume that such retention no longer serves the purposes for which the personal data was collected, we will remove the retention of your personal data or the means by which that data can be linked to you. Further required for any legal or business purpose.
You can visit and browse the website without providing personal information. You are anonymous when you visit the website and we cannot identify you under any circumstances unless you have an account on the website and do not log in with your username and password.

We may give your name and address to a third party (for example to our courier or supplier) in order to deliver the product to you. You must submit to us only information on the Website that is accurate and not misleading and you must keep it up to date and are responsible for notifying us of any changes to your personal data or if you believe that the personal data we hold about you is inaccurate, incomplete , are misleading or outdated. Notify us of changes. You can update your personal data at any time by logging into your account on the website.
Your exact order details may be stored with us but are not directly available to us for security reasons. However, you may access this information by logging into your account on the Site. Here you can view details of your completed, open and soon to be dispatched orders, manage your address details, bank details (for refund purposes) and any newsletters you have subscribed to. You undertake to treat Personal Access Data as confidential and not to disclose it to unauthorized third parties. We cannot accept any liability for misuse of passwords unless this misuse is our fault.

Other uses of your personal information
We may use your personal information for feedback and market research. Your details are anonymous and will only be used for statistical purposes. You may choose to opt out of this at any time. Responses to surveys or polls that we may ask you to complete will not be forwarded to third parties. Disclosure of your email address is only required if you wish to participate in competitions. We store responses to our surveys separately from your email address.

We generally further anonymize data about users of the Site and may use it for various purposes, including users’ general location and use of certain features of the Site or using a link contained in an email to those registered to receive them. Anonymizing data to third parties such as publishers. However, that anonymous data will not be able to identify you personally.

It is your responsibility to make informed decisions about your use of the Website and to take steps to prevent misuse of the